RTDOK #202 – Erin Dewey Lennox

Erin “Dewey” Lennox is a stand-up comedian out of New York, currently in Los Angeles. In this episode of Respect the Danger of Knives, we talk to Erin about not experiencing electricity until she was 6 (!), starting stand-up, and her many broken relationships!!!

For more of Erin:
Twitter: @erindeweylennox
Website: erinlennox.com


RTDOK #201 – Cory Loykasek

Cory Loykasek is a stand-up comedian, member of the amazing sketch comedy group “The Dress Up Gang”, and co-founder of “The Small Town Comedy Festival”. On this episode of Respect the Danger of Knives, the gang talks to Cory about romance, Burning Man, growing up in wine country, and starting stand-up in San Francisco.

For more of Cory:
Twitter: @coryloykasek
Website: dressupgang.com


RTDOK #200 – Rob Christensen

Rob Christensen is a comedian out of Brooklyn, and is, FOR SURE, the realest in the game! In this episode of Respect the Danger of Knives, we talk to Rob about “Last Comic Standing”, Drugs, and IMPROV!

For more of Rob:
Twitter: @roblovesbagels
Website: brooklynrob.com


RTDOK #198 – Matt Peters

Matt Peters is a comedian and actor best known for his role as “Luschek” on the hit show “Orange is the New Black”. In this episode of RTDOK, Steve, Scott, and Deb talk to Matt about addiction, growing up Christian, and acting on “Weeds” and “OITNB”. Dope!

For more of Matt:
Twitter: @mattpeters


RTDOK #197 – Ever Mainard

Ever Mainard is a Chicago comedian currently living in Los Angeles. In ths week’s Respect the Danger of Knives, Steve, Deb, and Scott interview her about growing up gay in Texas, moving to Chicago, proposing to her fiance, and cock rings.

For more of Ever:
Twitter: @evermainard
Website: evermainard.com


RTDOK #196 – Laura Crawford

Laura Crawford is a stand-up out of Boston who currently lives in Los Angeles, but that’s NOT ALL! In this episode of Respect the Danger of Knives, we talk to her about eating disorders, working in corporate America, and her strict rule of only fucking new comics. SUPER sexually charged ep, guys.

For more of Laura:
Twitter: @crawfordcomic


RTDOK #194 – Deborah Etta Robinson and Brian Barlow

Deborah Etta Robinson and Brian Barlow are married…BUT that’s not what DEFINES them! Deb does stand-up and Brian does characters and they both are HILARIOUS! Hear about Deb’s weirdo obsession with Japan! Hear about Brian’s first time doing stand-up! Hear about them FALLING IN LOVE! all in this week’s episode of Respect the Danger of Knives!

For more of Deborah:
Twitter: @deborah_etta
Website: happycontesttime.com

For more of Brian:
Twitter: @brian_barlow


RTDOK #193 – Mary Patterson Broome

Mary Patterson Broome is a hilarious stand-up comedian and host of the podcast “Homeo and Juliet”. On this episode of RTDOK, Steve and Scott talk to her about comedy on the sea, fear of intimacy, and family.

For more of Mary:
Twitter: @marypattersonb
Website: marypattersonbroome.com