RTDOK #191 – Kristin Manna

Comedian Kristin Manna HATES short guys.TRULY. But you would too, if you were brought up with so many TALLL BROTHERS! Steve and Scott get to the bottom of all this hate, and find a quirky-ass babe that believes in paranormal abilities from God, true love, and the power of stand-up comedy. Take a listen!

For more of Kristin:
Twitter: @KKManna


RTDOK #190 – Amanda Savage and Sam Varela

Amanda Savage is the host of the popular feminist podcast “Pulling it Together”, and you bet YOUR ASS we get into a lengthy discussion about feminism on this episode. We also talk about sexuality, Amanda’s mom going to prison, and comedy.

BUT the action doesn’t stop there! Steve interview’s Sam Varela, one of L.A’s most successful comedy producers, about what it takes to produce a good show, how she books, and what she can/can’t do as woman comedy producer (hint: bone the talent).

For more of Amanda:
Twitter: @savageamanduh
Podcast: Pulling it Together with Amanda Savage

For more of Sam:
Twitter: @SamMVarela
Website: nakedcomedy.org

Episode 189, featuring Matt Ingebretson and Ellie McElvain.

RTDOK #189 – Matt Ingebretson & Ellie McElvain

Matt Ingebretson is a hilarious stand-up comic and an all-around good guy. In this episode of Respect the Danger of Knives, Steve and Scott talk to Matt about his start in comedy, his charmed life, and his inability to feel love.

Also on the podcast, we introduce the world to Ellie McElvain, Steve’s new co-host for the Chatterbox Open Mic. She’s great!

For more of Matt:
Twitter: @mattingebretson
Website: mattingebretson.com

For more of Ellie:
Twitter: @elliemce

RTDOK #188 – Rob Gleeson


Rob Gleeson is an actor and one of our favorite stand-ups. In this episode of Respect the Danger of Knives, Steve and Scott talk to Rob about money, comedy, and sexuality. It’s a DOOZY! Catch Rob on “House of Lies” and check out his podcast “Goof City”.

For more of Rob:
Twitter: @RobGleeson
Podcast: Goof City Podcast
Tv Appearance: Rob Gleeson performs on Conan O’Brien 4/7/14

RTDOK #187 – Kyle Clark


Kyle Clark is a comedian who works for and frequently appears on The Nerdist Podcast, hosts the world famous open mic at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, and is one of the creators and stars of the hit web series “NerdTerns.” Kyle was gracious enough to sit down for a “Session with Scott” on this rare Steve Hernandez-free episode. Kyle and Scott discuss shredding in bands, car accidents, free love with hippies, the new season of his web series, and comedy. Plus, Kyle gives out his sure-fire tip on how to seduce that special lady.

For more of Kyle:
Twitter: @kyleclarkisrad
Album: Pizza Night
Web series: NerdTerns

RTDOK #186 – Brenda Colonna and Candice Thompson (Creepy Caress)


Brenda Colonna and Candice Thompson are Creepy Caress, AND they also have a hit podcast called Offarious. But TODAY, they hang out with Steve and Scott, and talk about divorce, Stanley Kubrick, and comedy.

For more of Brenda and Candice check out creepycaress.com
Twitter: @BrendaColonna and @jokesbyCandice

RTDOK #185 – Greg Edwards and Airial Clark


Greg Edwards is a hilarious Los Angeles-based comedian from Virginia who got his chops in the Bay Area. You can catch him every week portraying Sparky Sweets, PHD, on his hit educational web-series, Thug Notes. We talk to Greg about comedy, his past as a dinner theater thespian, racism and more. It was a good hang.

Afterwards, Steve gets deep with Airial Clark. Airial is a San Francisco Bay Area based parenting expert and sexologist.

For more of Greg:
Twitter: @GregtheGrouch
Website: gregcomedy.com
Web-Series: thug-notes.com

For more of Airial:
Twitter: @airialclark
Website: thesexpositiveparent.com

RTDOK #184 – The Storytelling – Live at Rafa’s Lounge with Simon Gibson, Chase Bernstein, Dave Waite and Rob Christensen


Respect the Danger of Knives: The Storytelling is a new monthly live storytelling show/podcast brought to you by Scott Luhrs and Steve Hernandez. This episode was taped live at Rafa’s Lounge in Echo Park here in Los Angeles, CA, this past Saturday (2/22/14).

Stories by:
Simon Gibson (@thegibbymcribby) (simongibsoncomedy.com)
Chase Bernstein (@Chase__Chase)
Dave Waite (@davewaitecomedy) (davewaitecomedy.com)
Rob Christenesen (@RobLovesBagels) (brookynrob.com)

Music by:
AC The Program Director (hiphopphilosophy.com)

Hosted by:
Steve Hernandez and Scott Luhrs

RTDOK #183 – Ron Babcock and Chris Bennett


Ron Babcock was booked to be this week’s guest on Respect the Danger of Knives, but when he showed up he had a stowaway with him, the hilarious Chris Bennett. We said fuck it and just interviewed them both. Ron and Chris are old friends and both started comedy in Phoenix, Arizona, but then their lives diverged on two separate courses. We end up talking about improv, divorce, cruise ships, improv on cruise ships, and kids.

For more of Ron:
Twitter: @ronbabcock
Website: ronbabcock.com
Web-series: Why Would You Eat That Challenge

For more of Chris:
Twitter: @Comicchrisb
Website: chrisbennettcomedy.com



On February 22 Scott Luhrs and Steve Hernandez are bringing an exciting new story telling show to Rafa’s Lounge in Echo Park. The show will be recorded and released as a live podcast. Admission is free, and the show is going to be a ton of fun, so come on down and clown with us and then stick around for the after-party with drinks, dancing and music curated by AC the Program Director.

Hosted By:
Steve Hernandez and Scott Luhrs

Chase Bernstein
Dave Waite
Rob Christensen
Simon Gibson